Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunshine :: Sewing :: Sleuthing

We've been making the most of the  much needed sunshine in these parts.  It has been good to cast off the winter woollies, eat outside, dry washing really quickly and be generally uplifted by the blue up above.

   Pip "helping" Dave in the workshop.

An impromptu den in the under stairs cupboard, courtesy of some blankets and the rotary airer.

Pip dancing to Planet Rock.

We visited our home ed friends from the north and helped celebrate A's third birthday.  S had made some yummy buffet food and the sun shone brightly so we had the birthday lunch outdoors:

There was sandcastle building at the front of the house:

S made a beautiful Waldorf doll for her birthday girl:

And we all cheered when a connection was made to A's dad via skype since work commitments prevented him from being at the party:

It really was a lovely day and Pip managed to stay awake for the journey home.

I've been busy in my sewing room in the rafters and in addition to making the top as modelled by Pip dancing to rock music, I've actually made something just for me!

The pattern is called "Summer Fling" by the Australian pattern people Make It Perfect.  I've used one of their patterns before when I made the Winter Dress for Pip and the instructions and pattern layout are a dream to work with.

Close up of sleeve binding which was a doddle to make and finishes off the garment nicely.

I have also finished a stretch wrap jersey top which I have yet to photograph.  I guess you could say I'm on a roll with the sewing, but in all honesty it was a case of needs must.  My summer wardrobe consisted of  two tops, two pairs of trousers and two skirts!!

  My next job is to cut out a flared skirt using some lovely red and ivory polka dot jersey stretch fabric.  Apart from the fabric required for the Summer Fling top all my other fabric was purchased in the remnant sale.  So the wrap top only cost £3.00 to make and the jersey skirt, £2.50.  I also bought some dark green corduroy for a winter skirt, a pale grey stripe for another summer skirt and some pink abstract design for a summer bag.

The sleuthing story was as a result of my friend S seeing me in a very bad state health wise.  In the space of one week I'd suffer three horrendous migraine attacks, the worst occurring on the day of her visit.  Within half an hour of her and the kids and arriving, I had to retreat to bed.  The worst part was not the actual pain but the awful constant nausea and vertigo.  S was a star she helped Dave dish up the lunch and then they all visited the maritime museum, so that the house was quiet and the kids occupied.

  Upon there arrival home I was feeling much improved, and through our chat together she wondered if I was suffering from a histamine intolerance.  So I googled around and recognised a lot of my symptoms including abdominal pain, heart palpitations and anxiety attacks.  I've been on the diet for over a week now and have not had any abdominal pain or migraines, hurrah!!  The only down side is that the diet is very limiting, but this should only be the case for four weeks, as I will then need to challenge my system with some of the offending foods.

If your interested to know just what I'm having to avoid then this site is pretty comprehensive:

We've also had another productive week in the learning zone.  Benedict has remained on task with his narration, copy work and illustrations, as well as maths, spelling and geology.  I too have been busy checking through our home ed report which needs to be submitted by the middle of June.


  1. So nice the sun has reached you! It's been quite hot here: we've gotten out the fans. I'm sorry about your migraines. I hope that the diet will help. Your sewing projects are just lovely. I have been sewing as well: shortening Jonathan's top for the performance and also Charlotte's leotard :). Now I have to catch up on MANY household chores.

  2. Hi - what a busy woman you are! Glad you are making some progress with the health issues - love the top! Love to Sara and everyone xx

  3. You are blessed with such a full rich life! I like the calico fabric you used.
    wishing you a wonderful week,

  4. That is such a beautiful blouse :-) I hope your migraines improve - i have been getting them since i was 5 and they are so debilitating. Sending much love to you xx

  5. I have had the sewing machine out a lot this week too. Sometimes the planned projects just pile up! I'm so glad you are feeling a little better.

  6. hello san, good luck with the diet. i have several friends with severe allergies who are following certain diets (one is GAPS, another is on a juice fast). it's not easy, but will really help you if you can stick it out. your sewing projects are beautiful! and i admire you sticking to your scheduling with benedict. we're way off over here from my dad's hospital stay, auditions, and dance recitals and now the weather. it's quite hot. we have to get used to summer weather. i'm glad you're enjoying the sun :) hugs to all of you, xoxo dorina

  7. The improvements in how you are feeling is great news! You have been busy :) xx

  8. Hi San, I have previously commented, but it hasn't shown up. I love your top, it is so pretty. Juicing is supposed to be great for migraines, I have read that it can cure, give it a go. My family in Denmark have just had a book published about living with Diabetes, their little girl has it, what a shame it is not available in English yet. xx


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