Saturday, 3 September 2011

Gluten Free Cooking...

... or how to make a complete mess in such a short space of time! 

Take one 10'x7' kitchen, add the desire to attempt a "Mother's Sabbath/off grid Sunday" followed by a "no-cook back to school Monday" and this is the resultant chaos:

 View from the doorway - cooking on the hob, stuff in the oven, pots and pans overflowing every which way and shopping still waiting to find a home.  Breath deeply and try not to hyperventilate!  Closer inspection of "Messy Sink Area 101":

Followed by:

 cluttered worktop and balancing act of cookery book and baking trays.  The baking trays usually belong in the oven, but as it was in use, they were dumped here instead.  Moving immediately to the right was this sight:

More baking trays, bread machine with bread pan and fruit and veg peelings waiting to be composted, eugh!  By this time I wanted to "pack up and go home", but like labour there comes a point of no return and you just have to keep on going, so pots were soaked, worktops tidied, shopping away and slowly things came together:

 Leek and potato soup with cream and nutmeg.

 Veggie Cornish pasties with cauliflower cheese and two vegetable and lentil shepherd pies awaiting a topping.

Sunflower and poppy seed gluten free bread and cheese and onion tart.

Finished veggie shepherd pies, one to keep and one to eat.

Ah, peace at last and two whole days of no kitchen duty for me, hooray!


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