Saturday, 24 September 2011

Friday Round Up

Benedict worked very hard at Shein's yesterday morning, despite having totally whacky very high BM's:

Concentrating hard.

Whilst he was away with Dad, Sara, Pip and I made Scotch Pancakes for a mid morning snack:

Pip had great fun whisking, mixing and then eating!  We forgot to take a picture of the finished articles, oops!

Pip and Sara then made a jaunt to out local park to collect further specimens for her assignment.  Pip is still currently recovering from a heavy cold/croupy cough so slept in the push chair on the way home.  She managed to acquire a friend from the park and here she is:

" Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away home..."

After lunch we decided to make the most of the sunshine and visited Leighton Moss Nature Reserve.  I wasn't totally enthusiastic as I was still suffering with chronic joint and back pain, but the sunshine lifted my spirits and as always the kids enjoyed their visit.  We also met up with our homeopath from years back, who having retired from her practice, now works in the visitor centre one day a week.  It was lovely to catch up.

It's a boy thing!  Skimming stones and digging in the mud.

 Pip pressing the buttons on the interactive wall in the education centre.

A level crossing wait and a passing train, a treat for the railway enthusiasts in the family!

Today Dave and Benedict visited Simon and in addition to lively banter, creatures and masks were made.  Pip and I went to visit Bea and her mindees, it was good to catch up.

A mask in the making.

Curly, whurly creatures.

At the risk of sounding a bore, diabetes still all over the place.  Finally managed to settle B at 11:30pm, having administered another corrective dose and set an increased basal, in the hopes of stabilising his blood sugars.  If left unchecked he'll start to burn ketones and could deteriorate quite rapidly.  It is now 01:00 and I'm about to check him again.  The house is tidy thanks to fly lady and so I'll hop into bed with some knitting, I think it'll be another hour or two before it's safe to leave him.  Knitting in this household truly is therapy!!  Bonne Nuit!


  1. San, I still wonder if a grain-free, sugar-free diet wouldn't help Benedict. I know you eat lots of baked goods, legumes, and not very much meat. Wouldn't it be possible to just give it a try for a week or so? It has done wonders for my mother. You could include dairy or leave it out, but should leave out potatoes and legumes.

    Please, don't see this a criticism, but I always feel so sorry for you. There is just so much evidence here in the States that a diet I just described is the best help for diabetes.

    With lots of love and prayers to you and your family.


  2. How you doing today hun, joint pain any better? suffering with such things myself I know how hard it can be to make yourself get up and do stuff.

    Hope Benedict's blood sugar stablised and you were able to get some good rest in.


  3. Just wanted to add that it is perfectly OK to 'bore' on about blood sugars. As an adult diabetic myself I know how tough it can be to keep it under control, and how easily it takes over your life.

    You are doing a great job with Benedict. And I wish you many days where if just 'works'. Trust me when I say you will get those days too. You deserve some.


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