Thursday, 7 July 2011

Space Quest

I think we might have begun a space based rabbit trail and lap book project for the Summer.  I hesitate about being any more concrete than this, as Benedict's intentions can wane quite quickly, however he has made a concerted effort these past days and little and often seems to be the key.

His first self allotted task was to design a space buggy and from this he chose to draw a series of diagrams indicating the Lego pieces used and how they fitted together.  His final piece also involved some writing, it's the most I've seen him write in the entire year!! 

The creative process at work.
  A closer look at the space buggy.

In addition to space related learning, Benedict helped make waffles for breakfast on Tuesday and  we actually managed to eat them outside, even though woollies and a fleece blanket were the order of the day!  It is Summer you know!
Pouring the batter.

 A yummy treat chocolate spread and crunchy Meridian peanut butter.

Dad and bairns attempted the same feat on Wednesday morning only to be deluged by a sudden downpour, so breakfast items were quickly cleared and breakfast was eaten on top of the kitchen worktop!!  After all where else would you eat it?!!

 Benedict looking a tad precarious!

We also had our weekly visit from our diabetes specialist nurse and amongst other things she tested his HBa1C reading, it was the lowest ever at 8.5mmol!  This is great news for his long term health but sadly is not a true reflection of our daily management.  Despite altering his basal rate he continues to have daily hypos and for the past few nights my bedtime has been between 1-2am as I continue to micro manage the diabetes.  I felt heart sorry for him at one point for he had a crashing hypo. It was truly a blessing that, he happily chomped on the jelly babies albeit half asleep!  Most times he refuses treatment in the night due to being confused and it can be a very tense time for all concerned.

Today we met with Benedict's new art teacher who will be taking over art therapy in the September.  She is a lovely lady and Benedict took to her instantly.  He also loved playing with her cat "Candy" and had great fun making a play den for kitty out of material, pine cones and stones.  After lunch Dave, Sara and Pip had errands to run and B and I worked on an alien drawing for the space book.  I named mine "Fuzzy Wig" and B's was "Bloblin!"  It has been a good day.

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