Monday, 4 July 2011

Mystic Cooking

Dave took Benedict and Pip to the park this morning and i had the chance to catch up on chores and make lunch and dinner from the Mystic Cookbook.  I originally had intended to cook just the "Italian Lentil Gratin" but since the oven was on and it would be a shame to waste the heat, I added "Aubergine Tart" to the mix. 

The recipes were very easy to follow and once again I traded up some ingredients and added others.  The lentil gratin had mushrooms as the extra ingredient to the tomato/lentil sauce mix and I also layered left over greens into the mix.  The aubergine tart recommended tofutti soft cheese and tomato paste in addition to the aubergine, onion and pepper mix; I used red pepper pesto instead and we did add some grated cheese on the top.  So the second dish was then vegetarian instead of veganRegardless, the family verdict was evidenced by the clean plates and a resounding chorus of "really great food!"

 Italian Lentil Gratin.

Pip's portion of the above.

Aubergine Tart.

A simple  salad was the only accompaniment needed.


  1. This cookbook looks like a neat book. Do you eat vegetarian often?

  2. We try to, but sometimes we eat small amounts of fish and meat as too many pulses upset my stomach!


  3. I have discovered that I do better with a high-protein diet. We eat gluten-free, but I myself eat grain-free also.


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