Sunday, 3 July 2011

Slow Down Sunday

I had a whole heap of "things needing to be done, yesterday" but the kids had other ideas and although we didn't manage Mass due to health reasons, we made a good attempt at a Sabbath rest:

 Pip collecting chard to add to the vegetable curry.

Mixed vegetable and green lentil korma, served on a bed of greens and basmati rice.

Outdoor painting.

Pip's finished piece with a little flower doodling from Dad!

 Lemon cookies made from...

... this cookbook!
The book is a pleasure to read  and is essentially a journey into the forgotten ways of nurturing a family/community through loving preparation and thankfulness for the harvest.

We are breeding a generation of kids whose only concept of food is the "pierce and ping" microwave television dinner and the book reminds us that, over 57% of families do not sit down to eat together, so sad. 

The recipes look straight forward to prepare and the cook is encouraged to alter the recipes as one pleases, there are plenty of spaces to scribble and doodle!  I actually added gluten free oats to the biscuit recipe as I needed to add a long acting carbohydrate to counteract the quicker acting gluten free flour.As the author states no fancy gadgets are needed to make the meals and some have even been made at The Mother camp where fifty or more families are nurtured with wholesome fayre.

For every copy of the book sold Starflower Press will donate money to feed a South African child for a week.

If you want to know more about the author she can be found here:

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  1. That curry looks yummy! I have that book on my wishlist of books to get next month (all my books to get this month were for Hannah!)it looks lovely!


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