Friday, 28 May 2010

Playing Catch Up... Again!

Have been having trouble logging in to Typepad and have had to install Fire fox in order to gain access to my account details and dashboard!  Still at least we are now up and running and so here is the account of last weeks shenanigan's:
Monday we visited another Home Edding family not far from us and then made our way to Brockhole National Park for a picnic lunch, a walk around the gardens and a load of fun at the adventure playground.  Our visit was topped off by well deserved ice cream and cup of tea in the cafe.

Don't worry Pip was crawling around the bottom, she hadn't actually come down the chute!

Benedict having some much needed outdoor activity, needless to say he had a hypo shortly after this picture was taken... ah, well!

Ah, five minutes peace whilst Pip munches on a chocolate button and ponders the life, universe and everything!

Tuesday was a home day and still working with the week's theme of "Activity" we had a day of active building, jigsaw making, clay modelling and a first for Pip finger painting.

Raisin snack time after building the den for the teddies!

Close up of a clay model car.

The scene in full.
The finished masterpiece!

Wednesday was a trip to The Quaker Tapestry and lunch with Nanna H.  After lunch we bought much needed trainers and sandals for Benedict and our bargain of the week was an almost new game from the charity shop, a book on how things work and a lovely summer top for Pip.
The rest of the week was another episode in damage limitation as rising blood sugars meant increased periods of poor concentration and fatigue.  Despite this Benedict continued to plough his way through his reading scheme, devise intricate pen drawings, usually machine orientated! and build copious Lego constructions.
I'm glad we had an "Active" week it did us good to break from our usual routine of loft work and house work!

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