Thursday, 27 May 2010

Garden Growth

Finally life is bursting forth in the garden, a combination of hard work on Dave and Benedict's behalf and the blessings of periodic sunshine!  Last weekend we managed to eat our meals outside and although it meant a lot of carrying items from the house to the bottom of the garden, the tidy up process post meal was a breeze; no sweeping of dropped debris, instead we  left a treat for the birds and compost items were dumped straight in the compost bins! 

In the raised beds and borders we have:beans, courgettes, cabbages,cauliflowers,carrots,chard,fennel, potatoes and peas.
In the greenhouse we have: lettuce, chilli peppers, sweet peppers and tomatoes.
The fruit trees look like they will also be generous this year so all in all we should have a reasonable harvest to fill the table and spare the purse!

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