Saturday, 28 November 2009

What Do You Do...

Q: When a little chap wakes at 11:30pm and announces he his thirsty?

A:  Become mighty suspicious and check blood glucose.

The dratted monitor decided to greet me with a HI , not a friendly way of saying hello but confirming my suspicions that Benedict's blood levels are not good.  In fact they are so not good that the monitor cannot read them!  Out comes the insulin pen and three units of rapid is administered. Now we have a three hour wait on our hands.  First we need to check that his levels are coming down and then we need to ensure insulin has peaked before administering another dose if necessary.

Q:  So how do we fill the time whilst Benedict sleeps on, peacefully unaware of Mum's concern for him?

A:  Why, we keep on with the major long overdue Autumn clean that has been ongoing since 8pm last night!!

  The downstairs hall, dining room and lounge have had a major purge and are looking all the better for it.  All I need do now is finish the mopping, fold the laundry and make myself yet another cup of tea before doing my hourly obs on this wee man.  It is now 2:15am.

Benedict  is a real witness to acceptance in all circumstances, he never complains of his lot in life and still manages to raise a smile despite feeling so unwell at times.  May God Bless You Benedict love Mum x  

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