Wednesday, 11 November 2009


A timely reminder from Grace at Uncommon Grace, led us scurrying to the craft cupboard to unearth, tissue paper and glue. The jam jar was rescued from the recycling boxes at the front of the house. With our supplies at hand we set about making a lantern in honour of the feast of St Martin of Tours.

St Martin was a Roman soldier who converted to Christianity and became a monk living a very simple life. Legend has it that during a snow storm he cut his cloak in half to share with a beggar. Little did he know that he was ministering to The Lord Himself. The lit candle is a tangible reminder that, as Baptised Christians we carry the Christ Light with us daily and as such we should attempt to be beacons of light to others. An insurmountable task? Yes if we attempt it in our own strength, yet with God " All things are possible!"

Pip watches on as we discuss the best method to follow.

The covered glass is now stuck to the lid of the jar as a base

With cut out squares of tissue paper the sticking begins!

Sara helps Benedict with the first few squares
  Off he goes flying solo!

And a light in the window

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