Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Knitted Goodness

Since the pump debacle I have been knitting like crazy it is the only thing that calms me.  Here is Pip modelling the latest items, a knitted pixie hat and poncho.  The poncho is courtesy of Lion Brand Yarns via

Pixie Hat Pattern

Materials: 50 grammes of Double Knitting Wool and size 9/3.75mm needles

Head Piece:  Cast on 63 sts.

Work 7 rows moss stitch, every row K1, P1 right across the row. Next row moss stitch 6,(inc. in next.,moss stitch 9 5 times, inc. in next stitch, moss stitch till the end. 69 stitches.

Proceed in stocking stitch throughout( knit one row, purl one row) until work measures 7" from the begining.  Cast off.

Tie: Cast on 7 stitches.  Work 24 inches in moss stitch.  Cast off in moss stitch.

Make Up: Fold head piece in half with moss stitch at the front edge.

Using a flat seem join back seam to form pixie.

Stitch Tie in position, stitch lower edge of Pixie to centre 8 inches of Tie and easing in fullness to centre 5 inches of Tie.

Press Seams. 

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