Monday, 12 March 2018

Mother's Day Meet Up :: A Cat In A Case

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday here in the UK.  It always occurs in the fourth Sunday of Lent and was traditionally a time when those working in service, were allowed this day to return to their mother church and spend time with their families.  We managed to catch up with our respective mothers and Kath and MG on Friday, so today was a Sara and Tom day:

 I made heart shaped scones which we served with olive spread and blackcurrant jam.  We met at our favourite place in Grange and interestingly enough this was the same place where Sara and Tom announced their pregnancy!

 39 weeks and a few days and so ready for Nutkin to be born, hope this wee one soon puts in an appearance :-)

Pip was most definitely not in the mood for having her photo taken!

 A Cat in A Case

"What do you mean,I'm not supposed to be in here?"

" Surely you can work round me, 'cos after all I'm not sat on all of the books and papers."

" Good, that's settled then, I'm staying put for the time being!"


Sue Elvis said...


Happy Mother's Day! It looks like you had a wonderful day with your family. I enjoyed looking at all your photos. I hope Nutkin arrives soon. Maybe you'll have some news in your next post.

You've been growing your hair! It looks very pretty!

Love to all the family. God bless! xx

dorinalouise said...

I love your family picnic and I love Poppy, who looks very savvy and content :)

Kezzie said...

Lovely to see Sara! She did look tired though, bless her!! AHHHHHHH, Cat in a case! I love those! We had an enormous box with chairs arriving the other day and I commented to my husband about cats getting in boxes. I decided to get in myself!