Saturday, 4 November 2017

Finally Catching Up

We were doing quite well until my Dad had another heart attack just over three weeks ago!  It all ended well and with the help from a pacemaker he seems to be doing just fine :-)

Dad being in hospital did mean some extra running around in the first few days and so for once, I decided to be eminently sensible and rest for the remainder of the week.

We have managed to keep on with basic homeschooling of English and Maths, thanks to Dave pretty much running the show at this end!  My health has not been great and with that and my job, I'm often run ragged by the end of the day :-) 

It has been a half term break in these parts, so we celebrated All Hallows Eve with some friends, had a visit from another family on the Wednesday and then pootled around at home in between. I managed to catch up with some outstanding work this morning and have rejigged my work hours to prevent having to work on a weekend.  Home schooling and content writing naturally use a lot of brain energy, so I'm grateful for the knitting projects that sit by my chair.  

As always I'm ever hopeful that I can pop by here on a more regular basis.  Whatever you are doing and wherever you may be, I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

 Little Miss Happy!  After years of buying milk in plastic cartons we have finally found a replacement milkman.  Pip was so excited to collect the milk from the doorstep, she has never seen milk in glass bottles :-)

 Dave has been taking part in a black and white photography project and uploading his pictures on faceache.  This is one of my favourites :-)

All Hallows' Eve

 Saint Paschal Baylon helping in the kitchen ;-)

 St Michael watching over the proceedings.

 A Saintly Tea.

 St Kateri Tekewitha

 Son and Mum

Back Row: St John The Baptist, St Paschal Baylon, St Brigid
Middle Row:  St Nicholas, St Michael, St Olaf, St Elizabeth of Hungary, St Kateri
Front Row:  The Infant of Prague

 St Paschal and St Brigid


penelope said...

Oh San! Hopes and prayers for your father, and for health improvements for you as well. Life does seem to 'pile up' at times ... fortunately, Jesus walks every step of the way with us! {{hugs}}

Sandra Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by with words of encouragement and promise of prayers :-) x

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about your dad but glad he is okay. The tea looks delicious and I love the costumes!

dorinalouise said...

The saints costumes are so wonderful! And the tea looks delicious. What a fun Halloween/All Saints' Day celebration :) I love Dave's photograph, and we're so glad to hear that your Dad is doing well with the pacemaker. You are all in our prayers for continued good health, San, and I hope you are feeling better xoxo

Kezzie said...

I am very sorry to hear about your Father. I am glad that the pacemaker is helping though. Sorry to hear your health has not been the best either.
I LOVE the Saints party! What a lovely idea- they all look fab in their costumes too!
Agreed- it would be lovely to have a Milkman deliver- less plastic waste- I wonder if we could get one if we move to a new area?x