Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Picture Post

Visiting Sara and Tom:

Black And White

Garden Work

Field Trip

 Searching for clues.

 Waving in the breeze.

 "You can't find me!"

A red robbin bobbing along :-)

 An unusual sight ~ the lesser spotted siblings actually working on an art project as a result of said field trip!


Kezzie said...

Awww, I enjoyed this! What life and vigour these photos have. I love the watchful robin and the siblings!

Sandra Ann said...

Yes the Robin was the sweetest :-). And the kids really enjoyed the day x

dorinalouise said...

Hello San, beautiful pics, and what a lovely visit with Sara and Tom :) Your kitchen is so cozy and pretty. xoxo

Sarah said...

Lovely photos!

Sandra Ann said...

I think you mean the conservatory? Alas our kitchen is way too small to house a table :-) xx

Sandra Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by x

dorinalouise said...

yes, that's what i mean! chanda was just explaining it to me. i always imagined the conservatory as being attached to the kitchen, but she says you have to walk through the living room to get there. it's similar to our situation, but i think our dining table and chairs is actually a little bit closer to the kitchen area! you've always said that you think our kitchens are the same size. eva has a small kitchen also :) anyway, the conservatory is very cozy!