Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Woolly Wednesday

Knitting has been a welcome distraction from the pain and it feels good to have my knitting mojo well and truly in gear ;-)

 February socks in the making.
I decided to let the yarn speak for itself and so these are knit in a simple stocking stitch.  The wool is from West Yorkshire Spinners and is their "signature" 4 ply consisting of 75% wool (of which 35% is Bluefaced Leicester) and 25% Nylon.  Ideally you always need a bit of nylon in a sock yarn as it helps with wearability and durability.

An "Aestlight Shawl" by Gudrun Johnston.  This was knit using a Falkland Island Wool and hand dyed using koolaid!  The shawl is currently awaiting blocking and stretching :-)

Another Aestlight Shawl on my kneedles, this yarn is a brown with a hint of purple colourway.  By the time I have finished this I will have knit five of these shawls!!  The pattern is well written with lots of different stitches and techniques to sustain interest.  I would definitely recommend this shawl pattern to a newbie shawl knitter :-)

I have had another foray into yarn dyeing and so my latest attempt is currently drying in the bathroom.  Once it is dry I will try and remember to take a photograph :-)


  1. I think it is amazing how fast you knit! So many great projects! Is Kool-Aid colorfast?

  2. I love hearing about your knitting projects, San. I've always wanted to try one of Gudrun's patterns so I think I will have to take you up on your recommendation! I love all the yarn you have chosen and your koolaid dyeing :) Do you buy your yarn at a local store or sheep and wool festival? You are a faster knitter than me. I'm very slow and tend to daydream :) I better get moving on my socks!

    1. I buy my yarn at both venues :-) The yarn for the socks and the plain shawl were bought from a local yarn shop and the kool aid dyed yarn was from a fibre festival. As i write I have finished one of the socks they are a mahoosive size seven and are for Benedict, he is a very knit worthy young fellow and is long overdue some yarn love from his mum :-) I have also finished the brown shawl and with my new hand dyed yarn I am on aestlight shawl number six!

  3. I love the appearance of knitting! This lot look great!!


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