Monday, 16 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Better late than never!  Christmas always throws me for a loop and so it takes a while for life to settle into an "almost" normal routine :-)  I also reacted badly to an acupuncture session last week and as a result lost the better part of a week in recovery mode.

Whilst both kids were out and about today I worked on a series of mind maps for my work situation and the home school.  It is interesting to see how I can move forward with an idea and know that it is the right thing to do and yet within a heart beat I have convinced myself otherwise!!  It is the good old fear factor and stepping out from my comfort zone that floors me every time :-)  When faced with this situation I usually find it useful to undertake a series of practical tasks and let the worries dissipate through hard work and distraction.  My job this afternoon was to reorganise the home school cupboard and plan our lessons for tomorrow.  I succeeded on both counts and as a result I am very happy with my efforts :-)

In between the sickness and post Christmas haze we managed a fun trip with friends last week and an impromptu surprise visit for Grandad H birthday.  Those activities were just what the doctor would have ordered and our spirits were greatly lifted as a result.

Out With Friends

 A first for sure, my knitting almost matches my jumper! Look at my glasses perched on the top of my head, that is because I am awaiting some varifocals, gah, that can only mean one thing ... I am getting old ;-)

A Birthday Treat for Grandad

 A plate of goodness

 Coffee and walnut on the left and lemon drizzle on the right, both gluten free.

Now remember ...

 ... to make a wish!

I hope that wherever you are that you have a blessed 2017 x




  1. Happy Christmas and Epiphany and New Year's and big hugs. So sorry about the wonko accupuncture. Ugh.

  2. Awww,that is lovely! He looks so happy with his cakes!
    I bought my gluten free work colleage some Pulsin brownies (dairy and gluten free) and she adored them and they have now replaced Nakd bars as her snack of choice! Have you tried them?x

  3. And welldone on the organisation!
    P.S. knitting looks greeeeeeeat!

  4. Yes! So glad you did the re-organizing and lesson planning!! Brava! and . . Happy New Year to all of you and Happy Birthday to Granddad :) His cakes look amazing! I send you a big hug for that not very good acupuncture session, and lots of love xoxo, Dorina


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