Friday, 28 August 2015

Tea By The Sea and Other Stories

Pip completed her second swim intensive for the summer and the challenge was deep water confidence, she did very well and swims like a fish :-)  I have also set myself a challenge and that is to overcome my lack of confidence in the water and so I begin an improvers' class next Wednesday!

Pip has been ploughing through the read, write inc phonics books and has now finished set two and is moving on to the third set.  She also completed an assessment for Singapore Maths.  The test consisted of twenty questions incorporating a variety of mathematical concepts, number bonds, addition, subtraction, word puzzles, shape, size and sequencing.  The test was split into two parts with a significant rest break in between.

 The level of difficulty increased as the test progressed.

 Funny stories with Quentin Blake style illustrations.

Whilst Benedict was at the gym with Shein this morning, Pip enjoyed some quiet time with me and chose an interesting set of stories for her quiet time:

A real family favourite!
As a reward for all their efforts ( Ben sat his math assessment when he came home) we decided to buy fish and chips for tea and eat them at the seaside:
 Making the most of the sunshine.

 Tastes much better in the fresh air and a bonus for the parents no washing up!



Eva said...

Congratulations to Pip! I wish we could take more swim lessons here, but the ones the college offers are so BAD. It does look cold, not like August! How far do you have to drive to get to the sea? The books Pip chose are funny. Maybe she feels winter is coming.

Why is Pip also doing the Singapore Math test?

Sandra Ann said...

Yes it feels more like Autumn, I thought it was so funny when she chose her books.

She sat the maths assessment as I am debating whether or not she will return to school next week. The new head appears to be very target driven and it is unclear if she will support the current flexible schooling plan. So I am keeping my options open at the moment.

We have decided to follow a grade seven sonlight curriculum and the core subjects can be taught across several grades. Both kids sat an individual assessment for the maths.

ellie said...

Offering prayers, San, as you all discern how best to proceed with Pip's education! And hugs and sympathy and support all round :-)

Sandra Ann said...

Thanks for the prayers they are much appreciated. As you will well know life can be very challenging at times and trying to remain focused on the Lord is a daily act in trust!

San :-)

Morgan said...

Hi - could you email me at so that I can share information with you about the job? Thanks xx

dorinalouise said...

Congratulations to Pip! That's a wonderful accomplishment . .including her maths :) And kudos to you for working on your water confidence. It's really great San :)

We love Tomie DePaola :) And fish and chips by the sea sounds like the best! Without my mom and dad by their home out on Montauk, we haven't been as often and miss it greatly. Life changes can be very hard :) But everyone has also been very busy with other activities which are going well so there can't be too much moping :)

Good luck with the school decisions!!!! I know several people here who have been very happy with the Sonlight curriculum :) xoxo

Sarah said...

Well done Pip! I meant to look up intensive swimming courses for my two but the summer has slipped away. We are using the new version of Singapore Maths but what I've seen of the older version looks even better!