Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Roasted Chick Peas :: Visitors :: Retinal Scan

I saw this recipe on Frugal Queen 

Really simple and tasty roasted chick peas ~ drain and rinse a can of chick peas, place in a bowl and add a glug of olive oil, a good helping of black pepper, a sprinkling of sea salt and 1/2 teaspoon of medium strength curry powder.  Great as an addition to a salad meal but these would make an alternative healthy snack option to crisps.

Kathryn and Mary Grace visited for the day and as always their visit was a welcome change from the usual house related chores:

 Get ready now ...

... and blow!

Benedict overcame his nerves and went for his retinal scan today.  He is very wary of new procedures and quite rightly so, since he has had all manner of unwelcome tests as a result of the diabetes.  This test will now be performed yearly so that any changes in his eyes can be identified and acted upon:

 "Mum!  Not snapping again!"

 He did a great job keeping still, let's hope that the results are good.  I think they should be since his bloods although not always within target range have been reasonably stable.


Eva said...

We also had chickpeas tonight, but just plain, straight out of the can :). Mary Grace looks so big already! Why does Benedict need that scan? We also need some eye doctor appointments here, but they are not covered by the insurance so we always put them off.

Sandra Ann said...

So funny that we had a similar meal!

MG is growing up fast, she is very funny and knows her own mind :-)

As a result of the diabetes Benedict is vulnerable to not only heart disease, strokes, kidney damage and losing a limb but also to loss of sight. Essentially unregulated high blood sugars affect the capillaries at the back of the eye, which in turn cause pooling of blood and damage. We are fortunate to have the NHS and so all of these much needed checks are free.

I had a dream about you last night! You were all on a lay over flight at Manchester airport and I drove out to meet you! Totally weird :-)


Eva said...

I see. I did not know that about the eyes. That is a very strange dream indeed! I have never been at the Manchester airport, only at Heathrow. And we don't have any plans to fly overseas any time soon, not even Peter. But who knows, maybe you know something about us we don't know :).

Eva said...

I am going to bed now, it is getting late. Take care, sending you a big hug and some sunshine.

ellie said...

Oh! I have to have scans like that every year (I have damage to my retina and optic nerve since the brain tumor). They are not fun though I am growing accustomed..

My 13yo has Adrenal Insufficiency and a compromised immune system and has to have *so many* tests. I think it is very hard to be a child/teen with serious health issues.

Hugs and prayers

dorinalouise said...

Wow. Thank goodness those checks are free. That is really very good! And hooray for brave Benedict.

Your chickpea dinner is very clever and sounds very good! I love chickpeas so will have to try it :) And I agree with Eva that Mary Grace is looking very big! It feels like just yesterday that she was born! She is just lovely :) xoxo