Saturday, 3 January 2015

First Beach Visit Of The Year

Pip and I wrapped up warm and braved a very icy wind yesterday to spend some time in the much needed outdoors.  We stopped on the way to our favourite seaside toy shop for a bucket and spade and then it was all systems go!

 Sand Angel.

 Sand Surfing.

 Mummy Longlegs!

 Silly Selfie.

 "That tomato, carrot, pepper and chilli soup sure is hot mum!"

The soup really was a welcome warmer as it was bitterly cold.  We also ate cranberry and cheese mini pasties followed by a yummy spanish hot chocolate.

After our lunch at the seaside we made our way to the library for a read and warm up and to borrow some books.  Libraries are often an underused resource and so I am making a concerted effort to take both Benedict and Pip on a more regular basis. 

 One of my winter goals for this year is to read more fiction as I tend to have a stack of information books on the go but they are not terribly restful before bed! I have recently read two lovely children's books during the course of this Christmas season, so with a bit of luck I'll manage a review before too long!


  1. You are brave! The sand angel is funny, I have never thought of making one in sand. Great library plans. I love our library and have normally between 60 and 100 books checked out.

  2. San,

    What great photos. I especially liked the Mummy Longlegs one! And I am yet again longing for some of your soup. Tomato, carrot, pepper and chilli... that sounds so delicious! I'm reading more fiction too. I borrowed a big stack of books from the library and I have surprised myself by actually reading them from start to finish. I am famous for starting a book, then getting distracted by another one, and never finishing anything!

  3. What beautiful light you had at the beach, it looks like my kind of day out!

  4. I've also been trying to have a fiction book by the bed for nighttime reading! I just finished Jane Eyre and I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure what I would like to start next . .

    The beach is soooooo beautiful! And the cold is so invigorating! I love seeing the pictures of you there . . Along with warm soup, pastis, hot chocolate and a warm library afterwards! What a terrific day!

    Sending you a big hug :)

    Oh! Our package is on it's way to you. I hope you receive it soon. I think I sent it Monday, December 29th. So you might not get it until the 9th or the 12th?



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