Sunday, 18 January 2015

Conquering Ourselves

It has been a really tough week and therefore it has been easier to check in on others rather than visiting here.  I know my mum-in-law has missed my ramblings, so much so that she telephoned earlier this week to check in that all was OK, secretly suspecting that it probably wasn't!!  So here I am turning up and highlighting some of the better bits about our week:

Eva's parcel arrived earlier in the week and was a definite highlight of our day, thank you Eva, Peter and Co!
The kids received fabric bins which were immediately put into use beside their beds, the Hershey's Kisses were rationed with afternoon teas, the pretty pincushion is in my sewing space and the inspirational calendar will provide encouraging food for thought each month as we turn the page.  In fact January's thought is part of the title of this post:

 Handmade Card.

Cute and Practical.

 It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Cheeky Miss Pip.

From The Kitchen ~ the slo cooker has been pressed into action this week, making breakfasts, lunches and dinner.  We cook overnight oatmeal which is great and I also found a berry cobbler recipe on Pinterest,which I tweaked according to what was in our cupboard:

Mixed berries and bramley apple topped with almond flour, oats, butter and a sprinkling of maple syrup.  Once it was done, I toasted some almonds for extra crunch, so yay for instant breakfasts!

Weather ~ we have had a fairly consistent cold snap with accompanying sleet, frost and ice.  Pip has been hoping for real snow but in its absence made do with ice this morning:

Craft and Gardening ~ Pip received loads of craft style presents for her birthday and Christmas, so today we worked on the decorate your own craft bag from big sister Kathryn.  She also made a trip to Homebase with her dad and sweet talked him into a planting kit, I guess she's trying to get a jump start on the garden!

 They should grow quite nicely up the trellis on the side of the garage.

The compost was gently shaken to loosen the particles, the seeds were added and the lid replaced.  The pot now sits on my kitchen windowsill.

One sweet "Pip" and a whole heap of stars and flowers!


  1. I am sorry to hear you have had a tough week, I hope this one is a little easier for you :)

    1. Thanks for your good thoughts and wishes x

  2. Praying for things to improve for you all San x
    My two boys have been out before breakfast each morning if there has been ice overnight, such a simple thing, but such excitement!
    Pip's bag is great! And you'll have sweetpeas to look forward to! I am looking forward to having lots this year too, as I have managed to plant a tray in autumn and haven't yet killed them off!! Xxx

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers. I have missed your blogging! Hope you are having a good week xx

  3. The craft bag is adorable and the sweet peas will be so fun to watch grow. The bins are lovely! And so useful! And it looks like a wonderful inspirational calendar :) Your meals look as delicious as always and I hope dear Pip gets just a little bit of snow one day! You're always in our prayers for good health and we send you all a big hug :) (P.S. Unfortunately Chanda missed the finals by two points in her score, but she already has alternative plans. She just heard today that she did make our local ballet theatre's summer intensive (ABT) so that is a good back -up . . but of course she is hoping for another return to London for the Royal's upper school intensive. I just don't know if Greg and I can swing that this year. We'll have to see. She says she won't get as homesick because she would be in the city . . I think she's just . . nuts. nutty for ballet and the Royal. They're her favorite company and I can't blame her. They are really special.

  4. How are you doing and how are the sweet peas growing? Being out here in California makes Europe even farther away than it is in NY. I sometimes think I am on a different planet :).


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