Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mr and Mrs

It has been a week since the wedding.  I had hoped to post sooner but things were crazier than usual in these parts!  The service was really lovely and the bride looked beautiful and yes being her mum I am biased!

 Wedding hair do

 Back View

 Wedding Bouquet

 The Happy Couple

 Receiving a horse shoe from my cousins

 Bridesmaid Pip

These are the pictures that really capture the special moments of the day because sadly it was downhill from this moment onwards!  Not only was the cake not delivered to the venue but Sara became very unwell and was unable to enjoy the afternoon tea at The Midland Hotel.  In fact she was so poorly that the out of hours deputising service dispatched an ambulance and a canula line was inserted into the vein in her right arm and two drugs administered, one anti sickness and the other low dose morphine.  Once in hospital the doctor in A&E ran a series of blood tests and administered two consecutive IV drips.  We finally left hospital at 2am, Sara came home with me and Tom travelled back to stay with his parents!!  Despite looking very grey and drawn, Sara managed a lovely smile and said, "I have had a lovely day mum, I'm married and that is all that counts!"

I finally managed to contact the cake lady at 8am the day after and needless to say she was dreading my call :-(  Aparantly she had marked the date in her diary for the 10th October and the cake had not even been iced as she thought she had another month to finish the work! So in between finishing orders for this week, she worked until the early hours to finish Sara and Tom's cake and we had a cutting of the cake ceremony with his family at their home on Sunday:

We had a wonderful family get together.  Tom made some yummy scones including a gluten free version and they were topped with Dave's home made damson jam.  Time sped quite quickly and before we new it, Sara announced that it was half past six and would we like to stay for supper.  We all pitched in with the food prep and enjoyed a butternut squash, spinach, mushroom and pine nut bake, topped with parmesan cheese and chilli flakes, this was served with garlic potatoes and salad.  Dessert was juicy ripe strawberries and cream.

I held it together for the wedding and for our visitors Emma and Sr Morgan (i'll post about their visit tomorrow) but needless to say it has taken its toll and both mine and Dave's health has not been good since the weekend.  We are however making a concerted effort to get to bed early and so I will sign off for now.

Love to those of you reading this and I will catch up with you soon x 


  1. San,

    Congratulations to Sara and Tom!

    I'm so sorry to hear their wedding day didn't go as planned. Sara sounds such a sweet young lady... "I have had a lovely day mum, I'm married and that is all that counts!" As her mother, I imagine you wished it had been a fairy tale day for her.

    Sara looked very beautiful. Her dress and hair were so pretty. The cake looked very special too. If it had been delivered on the right day, Sara wouldn't have been able to enjoy it, so maybe that all worked out okay after all.

    I remember how tired we all were after my daughter's wedding. It take us days to recover and we were in good health. Take care of yourself, San. I hope you are feeling better very soon. xxx

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Despite the many difficulties we could see God's hand in all things and that was such a comfort x

  2. I had been wondering how the wedding went :). Dave looks so young in the picture right outside the church! And tell Pip that her dress was also very lovely. Did you use a Flexi Clip in her hair? What did Benedict wear? What did your dress look like? Did you finish the shawl? The cake is very funny. Does Tom know how to knit? It was a lovely wedding even with the hospital stay and the cake delivery messed up. Thanks so much for sharing. You are probably relieved that life will get a bit calmer now. I bought a card for Tom and Sara. Should I send it to your address (together with your birthday present that is still on my desk)? A big hug to you, my friend. Take care!

    1. I told Dave your comment about him loking young and that raised a smile! We are very low on pictures but I will try and find some more to add. I did finish my shrug but the weather was so hot it was not needed! I didn't use a flexi clip on Pip just an ordinary hair scrunchie. Our hairdresser added a few curls with heated tongs, but as Pip hair is so fine thay did not stay in for long!

      The wedding cake idea was mine and yes Tom can knit Sara had taught him earlier this year. The Good Life logo at the front was part of the opening credits of a TV show popular in the late seventies, it followed the travails of a suburban couple forgoing the rat race and becoming self sufficient in suburban Surbiton, London. It was ver funny, I will try and find a clip from you tube for you!

      It was very kind of you to buy a card and so yes please do send it here and I will pass it on to them.

      Thank you for the lovely hug!
      San xx

    2. So glad that I made Dave smile! The other day, when Peter bought a used bed for Charlotte, the couple selling the bed thought that Peter was a student! He said that he was a professor and had a son who was 16. They asked "Sixteen months"? Peter just burst out laughing when he heard this. Too bad you could not use a flexi clip.

      Oh yes, do find a video clip! I will put the card in the mail and send it to you.

      Peter is leaving for Europe tomorrow. He just got back from Missouri last night. Lots of traveling.

  3. She looks beautiful San :). I am sorry to hear that she was not well on the day, I do hope she is ok now :). That cake is just wonderful! Perhaps it was just as well it was not ready on the day as Sara may not have even seen it. Hope you and Dave feel rested and better soon.

    1. Yes it was a grace that the cake was not ready although it did not feel like it at the time! She is doing well now and they have honeymooned at Coniston Hall camp site this week, a place I am sure is very familiar to you!

      We are slowly finding our feet again, Thank God!

  4. Aw bless them, what a sweet family you have. <3 I *love* the butterfly dress, too.


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