Friday, 19 September 2014

More Wedding Day Pictures

Here is a photo collection of random shots taken throughout the day.

 Early morning and if you look closely you can see Emma taking the photgraph!

 Kathryn drove through a McDonalds' Drive thru wearing her big hair!

 Smiley Mary Grace ~ she was great throughout the whole day.

 Em and Kath together.

 A funny picture of me and a chance to show Eva my dress, as requested!

Random pictures from The Midland Hotel and the scrumptious afternoon tea, for those who ate it!!

 Heather my Sister-in-Law and resident photgrapher.  She has a website over here.  You can also see some shots of the big day on her blog here

 We managed to "persuade" him into a pair of smart trousers and a shirt!!  No mean feat :-)

 A selection of cakes and pastries.

 Sandwiches ~ egg mayo, smoke salmon, cheese and cucumber and ham.

Next up, Emma and Sister Morgan's visit.


  1. How wonderful that your whole family was together for the day :). It must be awhile since you have seen Emma, I do hope you had a lovely time in each other's company.

  2. Hello San, I've been thinking about you and wondering about the wedding. Everyone looks beautiful and it's so special to see a picture of Em too. Your dress is just lovely and it looks like it was warm enough that you didn't need your knitted sweater? I hope you share a picture of that one day :) I'm in awe over the wedding cake . . it's quite spectacular looking! Sarah and Tom look so young and happy together. I wish them much joy and strength for all the up and down times, which they got to experience quite soon! Oh, it's never a dull moment, is it? This health thing is very frustrating. I've been out of sorts myself, and will be visiting the doctor today. I'll say a prayer for all of us to get well and have strength and peace and pain free bodies. Sending you a big hug . .

  3. San,

    You looked so beautiful! I noticed the Minecraft books on the table next to your son!

  4. I really like the color of the dress. So pretty! And so nice you managed to put some "fancy" clothes on Benedict. We went shoe shopping for Jonathan today to get some dress shoes for his Confirmation. Not so easy around here. They did not have his size, so we needed to order some through the shoe store. We will have to go back to try them on when they come in. We also still need a shirt and a tie. Back to "your" wedding. I love the picture of Emma and Kathryn. Are they very close as sisters or are their personalities too different to be close? Mary Grace looks so big and happy. With the rollers in her hair and the wall paper in the back, Kathryn looks like somebody from the 50"s.


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