Sunday, 24 August 2014

Slow Living

I am embarking on a new venture of really attempting to live in the moment, reduce our stress levels and live as a simply as possible over a weekend.

  During the week despite working and learning from home, the constant round of paleo food catering, menu planning, organising and dealing with constant health issues is taking its toll.  I cannot leave the family to embark on a mini retreat but I can make a conscious effort to reduce my workload and look for the joy in these days.

Simple Home ~ I tidied the top of our sideboard which sits in the front room.  As a result, the homeschool books are easier to see and Pip chose a few to share with me this morning.

Simple Meals ~ easy to do, minimum washing up/cooking:

Saturday ~ Soup and Banana Pancakes.
                 Tuna and Mushroom Pasta.

Sunday ~ Left over veggie curry with left over pancakes.
               Deliciousness in a bowl, everything but the fridge, granola!

 Thai Style Lentil and Vegetable Soup.

 Gorgeous Granola!

Pinning It Down ~ I chose an in item from my Pinterest board and made it!  It was that lovely soup and the recipe can found here: Scaling Back/ 

Looking for the light, looking through the lens ~ I really enjoyed the happy project but that was made using my instagram account and the iphone.  I have become lazy with regard to picture taking so this section is my chance to pick up the big camera and work on my technique:

Simple Links ~ I definitely think that the scaling back blog (linked above) is worth a visit.  Her recipes look mouthwateringly fantastic and I love her photography.

My next go to favourite is this place.  Tammy has taken some amazing photgraphs using her iphone, in fact her second book, found here was made doing just that.  Proof that a big all singing and dancing piece of kit is not necessary to capture good imagery!

I also enjoyed watching this film Tiny - a story about living small 

So that's me for this weekend, refreshed and revisioned!  



  1. All sounds wonderful, hope it brings you peace and calm :)

  2. I hope you had a restful weekend! Was the Tiny Tim video the whole movie or just a trailer? It said I could not watch it here. I hope that everything is still on track for the wedding. How many guests are coming?


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