Thursday, 14 August 2014

One Hundred Happy Days

At the beginning of April I decided to take part in the One Hundred Happy Days Challenge.  It was a case of having to as I could feel myself sliding into black dog days of despair and I really did not want a repeat of last year.  I uploaded my images on instagram with the title #100happydays.

I snapped all sorts of images as I looked for the happy moments in each day, sometimes those glimmers were hard to find but perseverance won through and as the project progressed I could feel my mood shifting and a smile appeared on my face.  The difficulties within the family and the daily challenges did not disappear, but my attitude toward them shifted and I was able to rise above many of them by just looking through that iphone lens.

I am dedicating my happy project to the late Robin Williams, may he rest in peace.

PS If you happen to count all my pictures for the project you will see that there are 82 in total, there were some days I forgot to take a snap and there were some occasions where I was too sick!  Despite this I still feel that I completed the challenge.


  1. Yes, I agree with you . . you certainly met the challenge. Congratulations on all your photographs. How much brighter the world is when we can turn around and smile despite our fatigue and despair. My heart goes out to you San. You're teaching your children one of life's greatest lessons . . to keep a smile in one's heart in times of trouble. As you turn towards the light, you become a light yourself. That's a gift :)

    Is there a link where I can go to see the photos? And it's so sad that Robin Williams is gone. We'll miss him greatly. I still miss Freddie Prinze and Spalding Grey . .

    1. Hi Dorina,

      The link is embeded in the words my happy project. It should take you to my instagram page, can you let me know if it works?


    2. I see now. Yes, it's great! You have some very beautiful and sweet pictures, San. It's so nice to peruse them all :) xoxoxoxoxo

  2. So many happy memories! I once read that many people try to take their photographs along when their house is on fire. I guess nobody wants to forget those happy days. Great job!

  3. San,

    Your photos are beautiful and made me smile. Oh I do love your idea of looking carefully through a camera lens for happy moments. I guess cameras make us slow down and observe. It's amazing what we usually miss. I hope the challenge helped you. Having a daughter with bipolar disorder, I am aware of how difficult life can be sometimes, though I am sure I have no real idea of the despair you and many others suffer.


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