Sunday, 6 February 2011

Life In The Slow Lane

This has been our story this past week.  I've been hit with an unexpected health problem and the consequences of that have dominated our home this past week.  No supply teacher to step into the breach so home education in this household has truly been autonomous!  So much so, that Benedict has once or twice complained of boredom and had to find his own way of organising his time!

Pip has engaged in  some extra learning of her own and on Sunday whilst visiting friends, decided to use their  bathroom facilities.  She's been virtually nappy free since then and apart from the odd accident seems to be grasping the concept fairly well.   Enthusiastic praise and the occasional tiny chocolate button as a reward seems to be helping too!

Here are some pictures of this past week:

 Den Building.

Art Attack.

Collage Making.

Pom Poms At  The Ready!

Working And Playing Hard.

"Smile Dad you're on Candid Camera!"

Skeleton Spaceship.

A Much Needed Haircut.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. The haircut is adorable! Just love your blog. :)

  2. Oh, San, I hope you'll be better soon! It's true, when a homeschooling mother is sick, nothing works so well. Then you need to do unschooling (or do lots of workbooks -- how boring). That's amazing that Pip is nappy free. Flora is not that far yet, she sort of knows what to do, but just sometimes:).

  3. Your photos always make me smile. Sorry you have not been well and I hope you are feeling better now. Things just have to slow right down and you really need to embrace unschooling. It looks like it had a creative effect though. xxx

  4. Goodness how grown up she looks with her new hair cut! Get well soon, mama. xxx

  5. Oh dear, hope you're better soon.
    Good for Pip for deciding the time was right for her.


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