Sunday, 27 February 2011

Finally Moved In!

It's official cyber moving is very stressful!  I'm very grateful for a patient and computer literate hubby.  There were several times during this past week that, I felt like throwing the towel in and quitting cyber space altogether.  I did seriously wonder if blogging was really such a good thing, but I know that, through this medium I have "met" some truly lovely and helpful people.  Folk who are willing to support me on my journey as a parent and home schooler and who allow me a peek into their world too.

It was not an easy decision to block the Grace blog but I had to do something to prevent the stalking. Sadly as a result of the lock down I too was also locked out of various blog links and this was incredibly frustrating. My home life through  illnesses and disability is often confined within the same four walls, in cyber space I'm on a level pegging with others and to have that removed is not acceptable, hence my reason for being here! 

Here are some pics from the past week:

Collage work and pastel drawings by Mr B.

3D space ship as part of B's "homework" from his art and craft teacher.

Daffodils to cheer!

Civil Engineering at work!

Bakery Shop open for business!

I was also gifted a fabric stash from a kind neighbour and decided to reclaim my workspace in the loft and  put this floral design to good use:

Cute, don't ya think?

Cut and ready to sew.

The dress is fully lined with a flannelette fabric dress, so nice and cosy on chilly days.

C'est finit!!  Front view, all seems are top stitched with machine apart from the sleeves, they had to be hand sewn, my sleeve arm on the machine would not accommodate their size!

Back view.

This dress only cost £7.00 to make!  This was for the cost of the flannelette fabric.  I have a lovely blue pattern waiting for similar treatment and by then, it will be time  to make something just for me!


  1. This is so cute. How long did it take to make it?

  2. It took just under a week of afternoon sewing. I'm currently undertaking a time and motion study on this next one!

    San x

  3. Oh wow, you sew as well?!?! I'm in awe of your talents lovely lady. I am hoping to go on a dressmaking course in April as I am determined that 2011 will be the year I start making bits and pieces for my girls (and maybe the boys, but we shall start with the girls!) Learning to crochet is the second on my list. I LOVE that dress. May I ask where you got the pattern from? I really need to give something a go :)
    Hugs to you and really sorry about all the hoops you are having to jump through to stop the *stalker*.
    Keep on blogging lovely lady, I would miss you!
    Jules x


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