Tuesday, 11 January 2011


That's me today! Of course Benedict is still rumbling around upstairs as I write, it is currently 9:45pm.  It doesn't matter what we do, he is incapable of settling at night -  I blame the debacle with the pump therapy for much of this night time fear associated with bedtimes.  Whatever the cause my patience is a big fat zero at this time of night, I have returned downstairs to thaw out by the fire (it can be mightily cold sitting on a landing just outside the bedroom door) and Dave is currently on his watch of the night.  Enough moaning, here is an outline of our day.

This morning we worked on another math sheet, this time vertical addition using two addends but nothing to carry forward, as predicted Benedict seemed uneasy working with larger numbers but once I'd explained the principles involved he settled into the task quite well.  After this he worked on some literacy and geography skills and  then it was time for lunch.

In an effort to tire him and encourage Pip to nap we went on a route march!  It was me that came home shattered!!  Benedict grumbled most of the way and Pip refused to nap, thank goodness for Mary, Mungo and Midge, a kids classic from my childhood days.  We sat and watched two short episodes and I gratefully nursed a mug of hot tea.  By now it was tidy up and tea prep and so the troops were marshalled into action, it was all we could do to stop Pip falling asleep in her tea!  Little miss was asleep just after seven and little man is now snoring in his bed, 10pm!

I currently have an ironing mountain to climb and some school prep for tomorrow, I think I'll forgo the climbing expedition and work on the prep in between knitting a hat for Pip and catching up on the film Gosford Park that Dave and I have been trying to watch this since the start of the new year!!


  1. Trying to tire out children usually backfires. My parents would take us hiking in Austria during summer vacation and it was they that were tired out!

    I don't have an ironing mountain, but a mending mountain!

  2. The ironing mountain now requires rope in order to navigate the terrain!!

    Benedict was actually asleep by 8:30pm last night. We've been waking him at 7am and Dave took them to the park yesterday afternoon for a hour's run around. I was able to plan our next slot of work for the forthcoming weeks, using a combination of Oak Meadow material and the e- book on second grade written by Melisa Nielsen.

    Blessings San x

  3. Grace you work so hard! Just reading this and your last post has me gasping with admiration for the energy and time you have for your family. I am glad you have an oasis to visit. What a lovely meditation. Hope you have a more relaxed day and night - you are a beautiful mother. xx

  4. Just realised I called you Grace in my last comment. Apologies for that slip , but it is quite apt because what I was trying to say was that you show such grace as you care for your family. xx


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