Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Just Around The Corner...

... Springtime.

The birds were actually chirruping and tweeting at breakfast time this morning!

The weather was actually dry enough to peg the wash outside but I opted for the lazy, non - eco route and tumble dried.

My heart was uplifted when I spied this marvelous sunset on my way home from an appointment:

Pleasantly surprised with the quality as the pictures were taken using my camera phone.

On the home school front we have made good progress with our calendar, in fact it is finished!  Hope fully there will be a picture post before too long.  These past few days Benedict has worked hard with vertical math problems involving three digit addends, he also enjoyed cracking a maths code using a similar format.  Our current shared reading is Heidi by Johanna Spyri.  I originally began reading it as our bedtime story, but Dad has since taken over with this part of the routine, thus freeing me for other activities.  

Pip has enjoyed regular car time with Dad!  They've ran several errands these past few mornings thus allowing Benedict and I to crack on with home school.  After lunch Dad takes her out once again so that she'll have a much needed nap and afterward it is a trip to the playground.  One of her latest words is in fact roundabout!! Other words/ phrases for her latest repertoire include:  Railway and our particular favourite "nack bar" (snack bar)  for boo feeds!  Out of the mouths of babes as they say!

My TV treat whilst ironing this evening was watching " Miss Congeniality 2".  The last time I watched this was when Em was still at home, hmm must be seven years ago!  My doesn't time fly?  It was great fun to watch and lifted an otherwise dreary chore. DH's treat is to go into the cold workshop and hacksaw a piece of 5mm thick steel he picked up from a friendly local firm...


  1. Sounds like everything is going quite smoothly. I've read Heidi to my two older ones and they both enjoyed it quite a bit. The pictures are just lovely. You know what I miss in the United States? Singing blackbirds . . .

  2. Singing blackbirds are just lovely! We get quite a few of them around our house and it is then, that you know warmer weather is on its way!

    Currently we have starlings, collared doves, green finches and bull finches on our feeders. The occasional robin might gatecrash the party too!!

    San x


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