Thursday, 16 March 2017

Pip's Practical Pinterest Board

At some point in the week we follow the guidelines set out in the book, " A Patchwork Prayer Book". The author Janet Lynch-Watson makes a beautiful statement:

"Life is like a patchwork each day made with different scraps, some funny, some sad.  Your prayers stitch the patches together."

Today's prompt was "seeing" and being grateful for the gift of sight.  The first task was to choose an activity and Pip chose pictures that made her happy.  She found the whole process very satisfying, there is just something therapeutic about scissors and glue :-).

The project then sparked an interest in learning "copperplate" writing and with a little help from a book I was able to show her how I learned this type of text many moons ago.  Something just clicked and she was away happily writing :-). Funny how some of the best homeschool days involve those rabbit trails ;-)



dorinalouise said...

I loved homeschooling days like these :) Seemingly simple and spontaneous ideas can be so satisfying. What is copperplate writing? Can you show a pic?

Sandra Ann said...

It is the old fashioned curved writing I will share a picture in the next blog post x

Pen Wilcock said...

How lovely! Love that photo of Pip's intense concentration and creative endeavour. I had a phase in my teens of writing *everything* in copperplate, sparked off by being given the commonplace book started by my great-grandfather, continued by my great-grandmother, then abandoned. I continued it until it was full.