Friday, 10 February 2017

Round Up

I am actually managing to upload a post before the end of the week :-)  In the good old days I used to post on an almost daily basis but at the moment a weekly post is about my limit.  It has been another busy week:

On Monday Benedict had his first ever sleepover.  He stopped with Connie and co and she very kindly took both him and her son Sam to a woodturning group in our home town in Cumbria. Connie was a superstar as the diabetes did not play fair that day and Benedict's blood sugars were rebounding all over the place, whacky highs with crashing lows, one of which occured in the middle of the night!  Thankfully he woke up and was able to treat the hypo himself and then settle back to sleep.  

 Catching up over a cup of coffee on the Tuesday morning.

 Benedict giving himself insulin, he holds that pump just like a gaming keypad!

 A little bit of "steam up" for Dave :-)

Montessori Maths

 A fun hands on way of reinforcing place value.  Pip works really well with hands on activities and she gleaned the information much quicker than using a stand alone text book.  She is making steady progress with her maths and has almost finished Singapore 2A.  She was showing some weakness in place value but this hands on task soon sorted that problem ;-)  We are dovetailing with Galore Park maths especially for the topic on money which is based on the UK currency.

On Wednesday I made my way "back home" to the Bernadine sisters at Hyning and stepped foot into the icon studio.  It has been a year since I graced these walls but I am remembered with love and welcomed:

The prayer that we always say before beginning to paint.  We paint in silence save for the background accompaniment of some classical music and the occasional request for "help" regarding a painting connundrum.  I did not have time to stop and paint but I did catch up with Sr Stella and attended the midday prayers in the chapel.  I have recovered my painting paraphernalia from the caravan and will joining the group once more on a Wednesday afternoon :-)

Another Aestlight Shawl

 I hand dyed the yarn and as soon as it was dry the garment was cast on, knitted and cast off within the week.  I am currently working on Benedict's socks and already have my next project in mind.  I can see that if I don't have something on the needles I will suffer from withdrawal symptoms!

Random Stuff

 Pip has worked really hard on her science topic this week and enjoyed placing the food items into the relevant groups.

 Benedict had fun using up the left over mincemeat and making mince pies.  There is an online food course run by Jamie Oliver and you can gain a recognised qualification at the end.  We are currently investigating the possibility of Benedict taking part because he has a real skill in the kitchen.

 On a cold dreary day when I thought the cupboard was bare I still managed to rustle up a feast, lentil bolognese, gluten free spaghetti and baked apples for dessert.

A well deserved computer break with some online friends who blog over at pyjama school  their mum Sarah has set up Christian Home Ed (CHED) minecraft.  The kids have really enjoyed making some new friends and it is good to see them working together as a team.


dorinalouise said...

Hello San,

It's so nice to hear about your week. Weekly postings are good, I think. Pip's Montessori Math looks very helpful and fun. And isn't it a bit of a relief to have Benedict able to monitor himself and have a sleepover? It sounds like a wonderful accomplishment. Your friend is special to help handle it. I'm impressed with Benedict's culinary ability also! The Jamie Oliver course sounds exciting and a great opportunity :)

It's funny . . I was thinking about the icon studio today! How wonderful that you visited for prayers and will join the group again on Wednesday!

I started the mate to the second pair of socks I've been working on. You are keeping me motivated. I"m impressed with your latest shawl! You say it took you a week. I thought it was just one day! It seemed to go so quickly! It's really lovely. Kudos :)

Your kitchen looks cozy and your dinner very yummy. And Dave got to have some train time? Those trains look so nice and a lot of fun to ride on!

dorinalouise said...

P.S. I love the pic of you and your friend catching up over coffee :) xo

Kezzie said...

Hello my lovely! This all sounds fab except for Benedict and his insulin levels! Hope he is ok now.
I love hearing about Pip's learning. Those place value cards are brilliant!
Oooh, the lentil bolognaise looks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing- plllllllllllllllllllllllease share a recipe as I would love to cook this as we adore lentils and I miss old fashioned Spag bol as CBC is veggie! I even have a pack of gluten free spaghetti in the cupboard as I bought it as a staple in case we ever have a guest come round who is gluten free like my friend Anne1 You look lovely in the photo and I am glad you had a nice catch up with the sisters.

P.S. I can't seem to find where you left that comment about meeting up to reread again for the dates you suggested. Not totally sure where we will be and when at Easter. CBC is going to Euro Disney with school for a few days and we will go up north but if I am around it would be WONDERFUl to meet you!!xxx

Beatrice Saul said...

Hi Sandra. So uplifting to read your blog now & again! WELL DONE to you all for Creativity, sending inspiration on the web, lovely photos & showing me that we can make the most of the circumstances we are in. Thank you, Much love, Bea xx