Saturday, 17 October 2015

Saying Hello :-)

Some folks might have thought that I had fallen off the face of the earth but in truth life stuff got in the way and as in all things health, family and work come first.  We have celebrated a wedding anniversary, Dave's 50th, a new home school club for Pip, known as "Little Flowers" and I am part of a group of ladies taking part in a knitting design boot camp.  Add to this the daily round of chores, home school, after school clubs and twice weekly swimming for me and it is no wonder I have been missing from this tiny part of cyber space :-)

 First fire of the season on our wedding anniversary.

 Pip's sunflower cake made at Little Flowers on Monday.

Pip's decorated faith sheet and her memory verse at the bottom which she needs to learn before the next meeting in a fortnight.  We have a lovely CD with all the memory verses in musical format.  That verse is quite pertinent for us right now as a family, so I have adopted it as my own :-)

 Birthday boy, always smiling 

Hopefully I won't leave it so late before popping by again and thanks Ellie, for your prayers and concern xx