Sunday, 17 May 2015

Bad Luck

They say that bad luck comes in threes, but we've had a double dose this week :-)

On Monday as I was heading out to a hospital appointment with Benedict, one of the  valves blew on my car and so I limped home with a flat tyre and a cancelled appointment.

On Tuesday a "Trojan" by-passed our anti virus software and infected the computer and just like the gardeners nemesis, "convulvulus" it grew until there were over 1800 articles causing mayhem on the system.  It is still not completely right and I am currently typing on Sara's old computer, which we found in the caravan :-)

On Wednesday, Pip whilst changing out of her school uniform, knocked the iphone clean out of my hand and it went kapput, it is now on its way to the insurance assessors to see if it can be repaired or needs replacing.

On Thursday I developed an eczema on my legs which I have only ever had when pregnant with Benedict or Pip ... I am definitely not pregnant so I guess my hormones must be currently whacky at the moment.

On Friday the waistband on a pair of jeans rubbed several tiny holes in a brand new top, bought two days previously :-(  I now have to take said jeans back to the shop with the ruined top as proof of damage, the jeans will then be sent for product design testing.  I wouldn't mind but I hardly ever by a new clothes!

On Saturday Pip suddenly began with stomach flu and is currently in bed as I type. The house is very peaceful as in the kids are not scrapping but what a way to garner peace and quiet eh?!

I am off now to catch up with friends in the blogosphere and to sit with my knitting.  Here's hoping for a better week ;-)


  1. Oh San, what a week! I do hope the next one is a little better :)

  2. San,

    I am so sorry to hear you're all having such a difficult time at the moment. I hope Pip feels better soon. Keeping you in my prayers. xxx

    1. Thanks for the prayers. Aquinas bear arrived yesterday and he provided much cheer, he deserves a blog post all of his own! xx

  3. I just read your very last post and am going back in time and seeing this one. You have had your share of bad luck, that's for sure. Sometimes I think back luck is catching. Sending you a big hug.


    1. Thanks for the hug. I am finally catching up with you and dorinna, I have missed you x


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