Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Random Ramblings

The day after I wrote my last post, Pip and I got sick again, this time with a flu based respiratory virus which is still lingering.  Needless to say Easter was a very quiet affair at this end, I did manage to get out of bed on Good Friday to make the hot cross buns and then promptly crawled back to bed!  I lived Easter via Eva's blog account of the special day and I had a lovely time!

On Monday of this week, the day started quite well, I took Pip to school and had a homoeopath appointment afterwards.  Once home I climbed the loft ladder and set to on another sewing project for the on line shop.  By mid afternoon I knew something was terribly wrong with my health and through a telephone conversation with the nurse, antibiotics were prescribed.  I had a fairly OK night and thought things were improving but lunchtime on Tuesday things were getting worse again and this time I was given a GP appointment and the diagnosis?  A kidney infection, I'll spare you the details but suffice to say it has been more than a little rough around here, it has been a long time since I encountered a kidney infection, my last episode was when I was a teenager and suffering from suspected kidney stones at the same time.  I am on a mega dose of antibiotics and so far the side affects have been fairly tame and long they remain so!

So moving on to some nice news.  On Saturday of last week we made a trip to Threave to visit Tom and Sara.  We also met with his parents and whilst the lads kept the kids amused, Sara, Tom's mum Catherine and myself talked wedding plans.  We had a lovely time sorting the flowers, hairstyles, dresses and car arrangements, in fact we were so busy we did not get time have a proper look around!  An excuse to visit again soon methinks.  Tom's mum is also a keen knitter and apparently there is an excellent wool shop in Castle Douglas, a good excuse for a mooch around and a coffee in one of the local cafes!  As I was walking back to the visitor centre to collect the car I did manage to snap some shots of the grounds:

 Tom and Sara live here!  Not in the whole house mind!  Their window is hidden behind the green hedge to the right of the picture.  They have a ground floor apartment which is very spacious and very light and airy.

 Saturday Skyline.

 The last of the daffodils.

 The Head Gardener's House.

The Visitor Centre.

We had a very happy day arriving just after lunch and leaving for home around eight in the evening and  back home by ten thirty.  The kids were great, they each had a portable DVD player which also plays CD's and their own set of headphones, so they each listened to a story of their choice.  Mum and Dad enjoyed the peace and quiet!

In between being sick I've been trying to build up a stock of items for the shop and slowly things are coming together:

 Two Go Green Tote Bags, great for shopping, library books, picnics and an alternative to the designer baby bags!  Eva will recognise these as I made her one in the same colour way for her birthday.  They are made from 100% cotton furnishing fabric and are very durable.  The outside is an abstract modern design whilst the lining is a more traditional combination of a dark pink stripe and a cream fleur de lys.

 Adjustable Kids Totes, can be worn as a handbag, shoulder bag or across the body bag.  This one is Jungle Friends and ...

... this is Funky Frogs.  I also have two bags awaiting to be made using a bright and cheerful owl print for the front and  a contrast lining for the inside.

This is the About Town Bag (excuse the blurry picture!) ~ this was my first attempt at the pattern and was made using some left over beige cord and lined with a contrast polka dot pattern.

 When I am trialling a new pattern, I only keep a rough estimate of my time but once I am into a second a run of the same design, time really is of the essence, so everything is recorded and this then enables me to work out a fair and realistic cost of the product at hand.  The cord bag is a gift for a friend but...

... this one is going in the shop.  A cute cat design printed on a cotton linen mix fabric and lined with 100% cotton black fabric scattered with super cute tiny stars.  

I have a few more bags to finish and then I will hopefully be moving on to baby and toddler clothing.  With a bit of luck a regular change up will prevent boredom for me and also provide variety for any potential customers.

Hoping to pop by again soon x 


  1. I had hoped from your absence on here that you were not ill again, so sorry to here you have been suffering.

    Sara's home looks wonderful what a beautiful place to live. There is indeed a great yarn shop in Castle Douglas I have bought from them online and spoken to them on the phone a couple of times I would love to visit the shop too!

    Your bags look great, you have made so many despite being ill, they must be quick to whip up! Hope they sell well. :)

    1. The toddler bags take two hours apiece, the go green five hours and the about town four hours. I have been quite fastidious with timing as I need to factor in a charge out time on top of all the other costs, it is quite a steep learning curve!

      I must check out the shop on line!


  2. My daughter and I love the look of your daughter's home! We'd like an apartment there -- except we live in another country, alas!

    So sorry you have been suffering with more illness. I do hope you are fully recovered as soon as possible. The cat bag is lovely!

  3. Oh, San, why did you have to get that? Very strange. I do hope the antibiotics will do the trick! What a lovely estate. Very British! You have been busy sewing. Looks all very nice. Veronika has been borrowing my bag for co-op. It has just the right size for all her art and nature studies supplies. Charlotte really likes the cat fabric. Wishing you good luck with the store. I am glad that my pictures provided you with some "Easter atmosphere."

    Love to all of you.

  4. I once had a kidney infection too. Not pleasant! I'm sorry you were so sick. Even though you've had the kidney infection and have been suffering with abdominal pain lately, you've done a lot of work!! Sewing, knitting . . You're quite an inspiration, San. I hope all this physical pain goes away and gives you a break. You truly deserve it.

    Threave is amazing. Was it far from you? It's just so beautiful . . . It's great you visited and talked wedding plans . . what a wonderful event to look forward to :)


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