Thursday, 10 October 2013


We have had some big changes going on around here, within the space of one week Sara left for university and Pip started school!

  Way back in January I blogged about home schooling as a way of life, but almost immediately after that post was written I felt that God was asking me to trust Him with Pip's education and that school was the way forward!  Several times during the course of the spring and summer terms I chatted to Pip about home schooling and her reply was always the same:

"No Thanks!  Benedict annoys me and I want to be with my friends!"

So she quite cheerfully attended a school visit at the end of the term and started on Monday 16th September:


The first week went very well and then we hit a wobble in the second week when reality hit home that it would be all day every day!!  We have however negotiated flexi schooling and so she has Friday as a home day.  There are some mornings when she says that she doesn't want to go but then very quickly decides that being at home would be boring and before we know it she is stood near the door ready to leave!  Pip  obviously knows and understands that home schooling is an option for her but for the time being would much rather blaze her own trail elsewhere.
On Saturday 21st September we packed up the car and travelled to Sheffield.  Sara's university digs are in the city centre and she is literally a ten minute walk from her place to her faculty and the library.  Public transport links are really good and she has both access to a tram and bus service virtually right outside her door.  She is on a landing with post graduate girls, so there are no noisy parties and chaos to deal with and the kitchen is always left immaculately clean!
All packed and ready to go.
At one point we were actually overtaken by this guy and his little car and at which point we all dissolved into fits of laughter!
Her access is at the far end on the right.
Her road.
Gathering her keys and information pack.
View from her window including the tram line.
For those us left behind in our gold fish bowl at number twenty two, life plods along slowly!  Adjusting to Sara being away has for the main part been a cinch and the wonders of Skype has meant that we can keep in touch very easily.  Settling into our own pattern and working alongside an outside imposed school day has been hard and there are times when I really do wonder if it is worth the effort and hassle. However having seen the effects of long term isolation on Benedict, I could not in all conscience knowingly impose such an existence on Pip without good reason.  So despite my uneasiness with testing, targets and playground skirmishes, having a foot in either camp is where we are meant to be.


  1. Oh San you have had a lot going on! Glad that you seem settled with what's happening for all of your little and bigger ones :) Those little trousers Pip has on for school are adorable! Love & blessings to you and yours xxx

  2. Dearest San, It's so good to hear from you :) Pip really knows what she wants! I think it sounds wonderful, though I can see it won't be easy. No path is. I know how difficult it can be dealing with all the mainstream influences, but your home life is very warm and strong, and I think all will be well. It says a lot for your school that they could let her have Friday at home. That is so wonderful. She looks so adorable, and seems to have grown so much this summer! I bet Benedict has too.

    Korrina and I haven't been doing a lot of skype . . though I think it is possible. I think she's enjoying not checking in with me all the time! She came home for dinner last Monday and I need to call her and see if she'll come this Monday or Tuesday too . . We wish Sara all the best in her new room and at school. She's going to have some wonderful adventures. I remember specific seminar classes in grad school that I practically skipped to each week. It was so nice to be focusing on work I loved. Sara must be excited. Morgana, Chanda and I can so relate to the happiness of having a quiet landing and a clean kitchen! We send all of you left at number twenty two a big hug :)

    1. Thanks for your loving thoughts and wishes, it is very hard for Pip at the moment, she is very exhausted and very grumpy, i do hope things settle down.

      Sara is enjoying her time at Uni and Sheffield is a lovely city.


  3. So many changes in a short space of time. I know you will not have made the decision to send Pip to school lightly, it is so hard to navigate these decisions even if it is for the fifth time! I hope that the best way continues to reveal itself even if that means another change.

    Hope Sara loves being a student in Sheffield, I really enjoyed my time there!

  4. Goodness me, I'm just catching up - so much has changed since I was last here!
    I'm so pleased that the school were flexible for Pip and I hope that university is going well, too xx


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