Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Ten Today

Benedict hit double digits today.  Ollie and Bela came for tea and the kids cooked on Benedict's birthday present from us, a fire bowl from Myriad.  It will be a birthday we will never forget as my Dad had a massive heart attack, whilst playing in a bowls match and nearly died.  Thanks to CPR administered by another team member and the skill of the paramedics and nursing staff he pulled through:

Opening the present.
"Exactly what does this do?!"
"Now that's looking more promising!"

Eating fire pit cooked corn on the cob, nachos dips, garlic bread and salad.

Happy Birthday Benedict.

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  1. What a fabulous birthday present! I think my 11 year old would like one of those.
    i'm sorry to hear the news of your father, thank goodness he's ok. x


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