Monday, 20 May 2013

Clitheroe Castle

We took our learning out of the four walls last week and visited Clitheroe Castle last Tuesday.  The kids had a great time, Pip especially enjoyed the museum trail and the obligatory cafe stop was very reasonably priced and coped well with our whacky dietary needs:

Tomato and Basil Soup, Chunky Chips and a Toddler Platter for Pip.
Following the trail, brass rubbing, dressing up area and reading corner.
The museum housed a geology section, a victorian study complete with a variety of collector exhibits, a local history section as well as the story of the infamous Pendle Witches.  After a good look round, Benedict, Pip and I made our way to the Castle Keep:

They then had a good run around in the play area at the bottom of the hill and I then attempted to complete the labyrinth; true to form like all areas in my life it was completed at break neck speed whilst keeping one eye on the kids!!  I think God was having a laugh with me that day!!

I'm determined to visit this place again, only next time I'll leave the sproggles with Dad in the cafe! 


  1. Oh goodness, so funny, isn't it just the way that our meditation gets done on the fly and with one ear to what mischief might be going on! (hugs)

  2. Hey, next time you visit I could meet you there :)
    We love Clitheroe xx

  3. wow! what a great field trip! it looks so fun and informative!

    ummm . . what are sproggles?!

    i'll have to check out the pendle witches story . . i don't think i know that!

    i have a friend whose daughter is celiac, and she has to be so careful with eating food when out in a cafe. it's great they had items everyone could enjoy!

    1. sproggles is a pet name for the children ... just like the muggles i guess in the harry potter books, although i suppose that was a rather derogatory term now i come to think of it!

  4. I never saw this entry! What a pretty labyrinth. Are they very common in England?


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