Monday, 25 February 2013

Spectopularly Sick

Well last year we had the February blahs and this year the whole month has been consumed by sickness!  Weird viruses, chronic abdominal pain and gastritis (me) and to wave the month goodbye and good riddance, Pip has been really unwell with a horrific gastric bug, probably The Norovirus and me flu!

The washing machine and drier have worked double duty and Pip looks very thin, she hasn't eaten since Friday and has only just managed to keep down sips of water. I always know when she is very poorly because not only does she not move from her bed, but she has asked several times for a "boo feed" despite it being a year since her last nursing and "want a back carry."  Typically Benedict's diabetes has also been running haywire and I'm back to losing sleep on pump suspensions and middle of the night hypos.

Here's hoping March will bring much needed and welcomed changes.


  1. We've even been visited by the flu bug here, very unusual as we tend to be lucky in avoiding things generally! I so hope you are all feeling back on your game as soon as possible San, I will be praying for you all.
    With love, Carly xx

  2. Hi San, nice to have you back! Sorry to hear you have had a bad time. I was just thinking of writing a similar piece on my blog, as I thought that I only write the good bits! We have had a terrible start to the new year too, and now the children are ill, Sophie is the same, only wanting water, and she is too thin as it is!!! Of coarse my back gets it when I get a virus, so that doesn't help. When I read the green parent blogs, they make me feel better, as you know you are not alone. Saying prayers for you too. xxxx

  3. Oh no! I hope March brings sunshine and HEALTH your way!


  4. Dear San, prayers and healthy thoughts are flying across the ocean! Hang in there, Peter would say! Love to the whole family!


    p.s. I do understand Pip's wishes, Flora also gets very clingy when she is sick, but doesn't remember her nursing times anymore.

  5. Oh San, that sounds like a nightmare!
    Wishing you all a speedy recovery and that Spring hurries up for you xx

  6. dearest san, you're in our prayers for good health. get lots of rest in the sun when you can (our animals follow the sun around the room whenever it's out), and enjoy being together. we hope you are all feeling better soon and able to eat well. sending hugs and love to all of you from all of us. xoxo.


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