Monday, 28 January 2013

Gratitude Sunday (posted on a Monday!)

We've had an unusual week these past seven days.  Pip went down with stomach flu and spent forty eight hours virtually comatose on the settee:

I should have been at 'make and cake' but God is good and I had my respite of sorts sat in front of our fire knitting in the lounge cum sick bay.
During this time Benedict put his craft and design skills to good use and made this:

It has since had a partial coat of paint and battlements. 
Whilst all this was going on Kathryn spent two days in hospital as she was experiencing some unusual symptoms, that might have indicated early labour.  Needless to say there were countless phone calls and much consternation.  She finally left for home having endured two lots of steroid injections which resulted in a very sore leg.  Thankfully her and 'Midge' are doing fine.
Hardly any wonder therefore that my already 'swinging in the balance' health took a nose dive and a considerable relapse ensued.  I've dosed up with meds as well as homeopathy and acupuncture and I'm currently riding out the storm.  I've finally had two nights of full sleep as Pip has fully recovered, so this goes a long way to aiding recovery.
It was quite timely when a package arrived that lifted our spirits and was greatly appreciated, thanks Dorina 
An origami crane mobile.
Beautifully made and the birds twirl gently in the conservatory, reminding me of a loving connection that spans across the miles.
The school room has been fairly quiet in these parts but I remembered some sage advice from my dear friend Eva and so we've kept up with maths and english and let other activities slide.  I did however find a fab art and music appreciation resource from harmony fine arts  This mum also runs the handbook of nature study blog which also incorporates the 'outdoor hour challenges'.  So I went ahead and purchased the grade five curriculum which encompasses the medieval and renaissance period, as I knew this would tie in neatly with our history study. 
This week we've been looking at Giotto and Benedict's challenge was to talk about 'The flight into Egypt' and draw his own version of what he saw:

He has added colour today and as a result the whole image has come to life.
Thanks to some Godly timing; I don't believe in co-incidences, they are God- Incidencies a quiet message appeared in my email box and it was just what I needed to hear.  Even more it provided me with a written down strategy, so grateful.



  1. Lovely to catch up with your blog San :) Hope you are all feeling better very soon.

    What a beautiful origami mobile, that must have brightened up your day.
    Gina x x

  2. Sorry to hear you have had illness in the family, hope you are all on the mend now.

  3. hello san, oh my goodness. we had similar weeks. it's funny what you said about math and english . . the girls did schoolwork at the table while i looked at essays from bed. i'm so glad pip is feeling better . . it's nice we have such comfy homes to lie "comatose" in. i'm also glad you like the mobile and the poem. it came at the perfect time! i hope you enjoy more quiet knitting time, also, and that you continue to mend. benedict's castle is superb! you're all in our prayers. love and hugs, xoxo.

  4. p.s. what giotto book are you using? did you get the books harmony art mom suggested in her curriculum? or are you using one of your own?

  5. The Giotto book I had from last year as part of the Age of Triumph curriculum, as usual it was one part of the curriculum that lay unfinished!! So it was quite fortuitous that it was recommended by Barb.

    I'm reluctant to purchase extra books so i'm hoping to use a combo of internet and library resources.

    I'd wondered where you'd been as I always enjoy catching up with you all via cyber space. You're lucky to have internet, Eva is without at the moment and I miss her postings too.

    Hugs to you

    San xxx

  6. Sending love and hope you are all feeling lots better :) xx

  7. Poor Pip! I hope that Kathryn is also feeling okay again! So much excitement. Amazing that Benedict held up and constructed that castle. Now he has to design some knights. When Jonathan was that age, he would learn all about castles and weapons (I think I told you already).

    Good to hear from you again!

  8. I hope everyone is well now. I love that castle!


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