Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Meet Mary - Grace

On Thursday 11th April 2013 I accompanied our daughter Kathryn to hospital and we were shown into this room:

Kind of apt don't you think!
Taking a sneaky peek at her hospital notes!
Last bump shot.
It was a rather tense time to say the least but a few hours later and this precious bundle made an appearance:
Snug as a bug in a rug.
" Oh Dear! It can't be that bad surely?!
Boo time with mummy...
Peace at last.
There was a lot of backwards and forwards travelling between  our house and Kathryn's prior to and after the birth so it has been a very tiring few weeks!  Benedict and Pip love the newest addition to the family:

Kath has been a real trooper throughout and breasfeeding is going really well, both of them are complete naturals.  Thankfully she wasn't innundated with visitors and has managed to catch up on some much needed sleep this past week:
One lovely mummy and a totally scrummy grandaughter!
Playing games.
Before leaving we managed a trip out to a lovely restaurant in town, I think Kath was pleased to escape the same four walls and ...
... Gracie slept through the whole event!
We are now back home and I'm slowly catching up on household chores and washing.  I literally cannot remember the last time Benedict and I sat down to do some productive work, it has been a very long time!  It's amazing how sickness and a new baby can mash the best laid plans, still I would not have swapped these past few weeks for all the tea in China!  It was an amazing priviledge to see her being born and to hold her shortly afterwards, it is a moment permanently etched on my memory and in my heart.